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MDB Massage

Every individual comes to the massage table with their own unique needs, goals and desires.  It is my role to help assess what those are and then create a massage session to best help achieve them.

I offer massages in a variety of categories.  Relaxation.  Therapeutic.  Sports.  Meditative.  These categories help give me a starting off point

for what you are seeking.  But every session is customized and catered specifically for you.

I strive to create a caring and compassionate space for everyone. 

I welcome and respect people of all races, religions, nationalities,

sexual identities, genders, & body shapes and sizes.

My Massage

Massage Services

All of my massages are catered to your own individual needs.  I draw from a wealth of skills and techniques in swedish, deep tissue, Thai, shiatsu, sports and hydrotherapy modalities that can combine in many different ways.

All of my massages are booked as a "Signature Massage".  Below are a variety of types of sessions that we could create for you.  But we can also combine elements from any of them as needed or put together something completely different as well.

60 minutes - $100 
90 minutes - $140, 
120 minutes - $180

(Please note that these rates are for payment at time of service.  Any appointments billed after time of service to insurance or otherwise will be at a rate of $45 per 15-minute unit of time.)


Swedish Relaxation Massage

A swedish relaxation massage will generally incorporate the full body through long flowing strokes and kneading techniques.  The primary goal is to help you relax and relieve general tension throughout the body.

A great option to de-stress after a long week or just give yourself that much needed "you-time".


Sports Massage

A sports massage is intended to assist those engaged in sports and fitness programs.  A sports session will vary based on what physical activity the individual is engaged in and whether the session is intended to help before or after that activity.  In addition to typical therapeutic massage techniques a sports massage session will often incorporate more assisted stretching and heat/cold applications when appropriate.


Therapeutic/Deep Tissue

A therapeutic massage will have a specific goal in mind.  That may be to address tension in a specific area of the body, reduce pain, assist with injury recover, etc.  These sessions may be focused on one specific area of the body or they may incorporate full body work when time allows. 


Meditative Massage

A meditative massage is a journey inward on the table with the goal of facilitating your own journey of mind/body connection.  You will be guided through a variety of breathing, visualization and meditation techniques.  These techniques will be selected based on a conversation beforehand to assess what will be the most beneficial for your goals. 

Green Light Ray

New clients

What to expect at your first appointment.

Ahead of your appointment you will receive a new client intake form in your email.  Please fill this out ahead of your appointment so that I can gather any additional tools or information needed to provide you with the best session possible.

Before beginning your massage we will discuss your medical history including any former injuries that may be affecting how your body holds itself today, any pain or stiffness you have been experiencing and any goals you may have that you are hoping to achieve in your wellness journey (if this is your first appointment with me please allocate an extra 15 minutes for your own schedule in addition to your treatment time).

Depending on what we are hoping to achieve during our session I may also have you demonstrate your range of motion through movement of specific joints and complete an assessment of the way you hold your body while standing and/or walking.

Once we are ready to begin the massage session I will explain what the best position for you on the table will be to start and then step out of the room to go wash my hands and allow you to undress to your level of comfort and get on top of the table underneath the top sheet.

Throughout our session I will check in periodically about pressure to ensure that you are comfortable and feeling the results you want.  But at any time during the massage please speak up if you would like more or less pressure. And if anything is painful or feels uncomfortable for any reason please speak up right away!  The goal is to make this experience as perfect as possible for you, so even the littlest adjustment that can be made to achieve that, I am delighted to do!

Book your appointment now

Massage Memberships are Now Available!

Sign up now for your monthly massage at a reduced rate and get all of the following benefits!

 1 monthly massage credit (will roll over for 2 months before expiring)

 15% off up to 3 additional massages per month

 20% off private yoga training sessions

10% off retail products

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations less than 24 hours before appointment time will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of service price.

No show appointments are subject to full payment.

Contact Me

You can book appointments online here.

You can also reach out to book an appointment or with any questions by email, text or phone.  I am often able to respond to texts more quickly between appointments, but if you prefer to leave a voicemail that's just fine as well.

249 Liberty St. NE

Salem, OR  97301

Tel: 503-707-1715

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